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The Nimbus Factory is intended to become a simple platform for digital content creators to be able to sell their digital assets on the web.

The attraction of the platform is its simplicity as all that an author needs to start monetizing his knowledge by creating digital assets are the following

  • A landing page that can provide a brief overview of the digital product with text, images or video.
  • A link to a payment gateway URL for the product (that can be set up as a Payment Page in say RazorPay).
  • A link for the payment gateway to redirect after the payment is confirmed to provide a Thank You page followed by an ability to download the content.

Points (a) and (b) can very well be done using tools like WordPress, Joomla etc, but then as a content creator you will have to go through all the following hassles

  • Buying a Domain and a Webhosting Account that comes with WordPress and Joomla etc bundled
  • Processing an information overload of 1000s of templates that hardly fit your simple need of a landing page and a thank you / download page.

Our landing pages are kept very simple mainly because it is most probably going to be seen only by visitors to our site who get to know such a site exists only after they buy a digital asset and reach our Thank You page and then start browsing it for what other content may be available.

Typically, your landing page will be built in powerful platforms like Facebook which basically needs an underlying page to even start promoting it through their Ad program. Ideally the link you will be providing there is the payment gateway URL that directly takes them to your monetization effort and all you need is a redirection page that allows an instant download of the content (in a secure manner).

Even when the content id is revealed in the return page URL of your digital asset, it cannot be book marked and shared freely because we will check if the HTTP Referrer for the page load is your payment gateway.

Hence that URL will work as a download URL only once and after that it can only be used to record and view review comments on that digital asset or share it as a sales pitch page with the Buy Now link pointing to its payment gateway URL.

So we as a service are more interested in being a replacement to the complex world of WordPress, Joomla etc which solves a more generic problem but does not address a simple niche that is needed by digital content creators who cannot navigate through the information overload to realize their simple need.

We are currently in the phase of gathering the interest of our site visitors on whether they are willing to be part of our platform as digital content creators and / or digital content consumers, so that we can build a target list of user base who consciously agree to being marketed to if a new digital asset is published on our platform.

Based on the responses we will be deciding on the depths of features to offer as we keep iteratively improving this platform.

If this excites you, you can sign up to our mailing list and hope to hear from us in the up coming days or months.


The Nimbus Factory



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